For an active civil society

In addition to its project work, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL has also always addressed the causes of poverty and marginalization. Problems cannot always be solved on a regional or national level. The global village depends on strong international players in civil society who fight for a fair and sustainable way of life and of doing business among nations.

We regularly contribute our expertise and the values of Catholic social teaching by submitting statements to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in New York. At the annual International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organization in Geneva, we are regularly represented in side events where we call for agreements and concrete measures for decent work all over the world.  Kolping is also actively involved at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg where it keeps underlining the values that have made Europe strong.

All players in civil society must remain active and continue to fight also on an international level to make a just globalization possible.

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