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Call for support from India

Whilst the situation in Germany is slowly improving, we have been receiving shocking images from India for days. The pandemic is no longer under control in India, and the health system is collapsing.  Kolping India has called us for help.

“The situation in some states is horrendous”, wrote Fr Mari, National Director of Kolping India. “The hospitals are loaded with people, and there is a lack of oxygen and medication. Sick people are often left untreated and die outside of the hospitals in the arms of their desperate relatives.”

India is recording over 360,000 new Covid-19 cases per day. The situation is getting worse every day. In case of a strict curfew many people would be stranded on the pavement again, says Br. Mari.  As happened last year, when Chennai and its environs were in the vulnerable red zone for months. “Then we will again extend help to the poorest with a warm meal a day so that they do not starve”, says Br. Mari. In addition, Kolping India wants to help in the hospitals with oxygen, facemasks and disinfectants.

Please help the people in India with your donation to the Kolping Corona Fund. Thank you for your help.

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