Our structure

International Board of Directors

The International Board of Directors is the body of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL which meets between International Conventions to take decisions, supervise, cooperate and coordinate activities. It meets every two years and deliberates and decides upon all matters which do not have to be brought before the International Convention.

The International Board of Directors has the responsibility to elect the General Praeses, the General Secretary, the Managing Director of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, five additional members to the International Executive Board as well as the members of the International Finance Committee. The International Board of Directors also implements the resolutions adopted by the International Convention and provides initiatives for the realization of the Program of the Association.

The International Board of Directors consist of the International Executive Board and of representatives of all National Associations of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL with at least 1,000 members.

General Praeses: Msgr. Christoph Huber
General Secretary: Dr. Markus Demele
Managing Director: Karin Wollgarten