Organic fertilizer enables a good income

Dionisi Bizimana und his wife Chantale, members of the Kolping Family of Nyarunsange / Burundi are happy because he and his family are doing well thanks to Kolping. The family has acquired some goats and a dairy cow. With the help of the loan granted by Kolping was the couple able to buy a field where it successfully grows fruits and vegetables.

The linchpin is the production of compost with the help of animal manure. A mix of various materials is necessary: dry leaves, fresh leaves, urine, ashes, and soil. Through the use of the compost the yields almost tripled.

“Before we became Kolping members, we were poor”, says Chantale. “We could rarely afford to buy enough to eat. We now do not only have enough to eat, but we also have a house. We can afford to send our children to school, and I can even buy new clothes on the market.” The family is now running a flourishing rural enterprise and can sell crop yield surpluses.

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