With dairy cows towards a secure future

Since Jessy and her husband received a dairy cow from Kolping, the situation of the family has substantially improved. The family now generates a regular income from milk sales. The family members were also taught by Kolping how to use the animal manure on their coconut plantation. The dung makes the soil more fertile and increases the production. Thanks to the natural fertiliser the 140 coconut trees now give much higher yields than ever before.

By taking part in the meetings of the Kolping Family and through expert advice Jessy receives important information and can benefit from the experiences made by others to improve her project even further.

The Family now has a secure income with the sales of milk and coconuts. With the incomes, the family wants to enable their children a secondary education and expand dairy farming. The loan and the two milk cows were the beginning of a success story which enabled the family to find a way out of poverty securing their future in the long term.

More information

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