Costa Rica

Into independence with self-esteem

Costa Rica is at the beginning of a developmental leap. In recent years, the country has seen many foreign investments and has developed from an agrarian to a service state. The level of education is relatively high. However, the country faces multiple challenges. Many people work in precarious working conditions, with a rising social imbalance and an unemployment rate which remains high.

Kolping in Costa Rica


The National Association of Costa Rica has 103 Kolping members in 8 Kolping Families. The focus is laid on:

Rural Development

Small Credits

Associational Work

Youth Work

Where ingenuity is promoted

Besides programmes for further training in the field of agriculture, Kolping Costa Rica offers, above all, support for adults and young people. The self-confidence of the participants is strengthened through courses in jewellery manufacture, crafting of gift articles, sewing clothes or recycling of plastic waste. Strengthening the self-esteem is a vital precondition for a successful implementation of the participants’ projects and for being able to provide for themselves independently and permanently.

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