50 years – 50 voices

“In order to see easily and clearly, what KOLPING INTERNATIONAL has done until now, we must determine the purpose at which it aims to. It is “help people for self-help” and this is the special feature so that people can distinguish us from other organizations. Our target is to help people to have a sustainable life on their own feet so that they are able to have a worthy life, in line with their dignity. Nowadays, apart from the improvement on mentality and spirituality, the improvement on materiality is also very important. Generally, KOLPING will give people the fishing rod and teach them how to do it. That is exactly the point of sustainable development.

Besides, if talking specifically about Vietnam, we are very strong on mentality and spirituality. Our social activities made KOLPING well known, so more and more believers want to get involved in Kolping. These actions are the most concrete evidence according to Blessed Adolph Kolping’s words.”

Paul Nguyen Huu Nghia Hiep, Secretary of the Vietnamese Kolping Association

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