50 years – 50 voices

“What I connect with KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide community of Christians who take on responsibility for the One World. I am quite enthusiated by the “holistic development approach“ that is not only limited to material support. This becomes very clear to me in the guidelines of the Brazilian Kolping Association: Religião, Trabalho, Recreação, Família e Sociedade (“Religion, work, recreation, family, and society“). They take a holistic view of the human being and his manifold needs.

What is required for sustainable development work is the building up of a strong assocation with firm structures from where development projects can be designed for the future. The structures of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL provide a secure basis for that. In these structures the ideals of the founder Adolph Kolping are more relevant than ever in a globalized world.

For me, one of the biggest challenges of the future is the global struggle against the causes of flight, and KOLPING INTERNATIONAL must devote all of its energies to combating this.”

Walter Rung, Representative for International Partnership Work (BIP) in the Diocesan Kolping Association of Speyer, Germany

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