50 years – 50 voices

“When I was introduced to Kolping in 1996, the idea of the preciousness of one’s life was what stood out mostly for me at that time.  Over the years of involvement with Kolping, the strongest thread running through all the structures, assemblies, programmes and projects of the movement is the principle of human dignity.  The human dignity of all people can only be recognised and respected within a community, who sees each member’s life as precious.  This is the experience we have in Kolping International – a community based on human dignity and solidarity.  Locally and nationally, the human dignity and the human rights of all people are at the centre of our work.  This too is what we experience working with our international partners.  Kolping International sets a way of work as an example for the whole world, now more than ever, when the dignity and rights of millions of workers are sacrificed in pursuit of profit.”


Judith Turner, National Coordinator Kolping Society of South Africa

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