50 years – 50 voices

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL Cooperation e.V. has been engaged in project work and in furthering member associations throughout the world for fifty years. Our work has been supported by many personalities who have marked our association and have been part of 50 years of successful KOLPING development cooperation work. On the occasion of our Jubilee we asked them to tell us about their personal bonds with KOLPING INTERNATIONAL:

  • “As the national president of Kolping Germany I was particularly impressed by the internationality of the association.“ (Ursula Groden-Kranich)
  • “KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is a concrete answer to the international social question. KOLPING acted globally long before people started to talk about globalization“, says Dr. Jörg Lüer, managing director, German Commission for Justice and Peace.
  • “KOLPING INTERNATIONAL is the door people use to apply their ideas, to offer their help in a sustainable, responsible and professional way.“ (Clemens Schepers, former national secretary KOLPING Austria)

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