Asia: KOLPING helps with food and protective clothes

In Asia, KOLPING helps to provide its members with food, facemasks and information on Covid-19. Most KOLPING members in Asia are among the poorest of the population and they suffer most from the lockdown, from unemployment and hunger. As there are only a few who benefit from state aid, KOLPING in Asia and its courageous staff take initiative.

In Myanmar, KOLPING published flyers and laminated large posters to hang them out on public places to inform the population about the risks of a coronavirus infection. Masks were sewn and after the first donations had been made, KOLPING was able to pack some hygiene parcels containing soap, facemasks, vitamin preparations and some more written information. They are now being distributed in various regions.

In Indonesia, Timor Leste and Vietnam, Kolping Societies stay connected by distributing food among their members. In India, the situation is difficult. No activities are possible because of the lockdown. The national office in Chennai is located in a so-called “red zone“, i.e. in a high-risk area. The lockdown was repeatedly extended until May 17 in the most endangered regions.


Here we report on the situation in the partner countries. How does KOLPING help? An overview