Coronavirus crisis: Current situation in Kolping countries

Many people now work from their homes. Worldwide. And Kolping national offices make no exception. On all continents national offices keep in touch digitally with local Kolping Families thanks to WhatsApp, Skype or other communication platforms.

The Colegio Técnico Adolfo Kolping in Mariquita / Colombia has now moved to online classes because of the lockdown. Kolping doctors and nurses from La Paz / Bolivia have been given the green light despite the curfew, as can be seen in this video:

A lot of information we receive is deeply worrying. Some days ago, we learned about the tense situation in Costa Rica: “We cannot visit our Kolping Families anymore”, said KOLPING coordinator Katia Fernández Mena. She stays in touch with Kolping members every day to provide them with reliable information on the coronavirus and to make sure that they are not getting into a panic. “We encourage people to buy local products and to use local services – especially those that are offered by Kolping members. This is how we are trying to keep the economic effects to a minimum. For most families live on what they produce every day.”

Here you can find detailed information on our partner countries 

Foto: Briefing on the situation at Kolping Honduras