Coronavirus update 

For many people in the world, life has become even harder because of the coronavirus crisis. Due to lockdown restrictions, many people lost their jobs and they are lacking the money to buy food. That is why immediate help was required and food packages were distributed. Thanks to the great commitment of its staff and innumerous volunteers, KOLPING was able to provide rapid help in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The example of Maria Luz Takaya from the Pando region in Bolivia shows how urgently this help is needed and how much it is appreciated. Maria has a big family of 11 members who live in a run-down house. Her two nephews also live there. The lockdown has hit the family hard. No job, no income, no food. Thanks to KOLPING the family was able to go to a local food bank to have a full meal once a day. “It was such a great relief to know that there will be food for a long time because we don’t have any work and we cannot do anything to generate an income since we have to live from one day to another. Thank you KOLPING.”

We want to pass on these thanks to all women and men who have donated more than 600,000 euros to our KOLPING Corona Fund.  This made it possible to respond rapidly to the requests for help we received from our Kolping associations and to pass on the money to be used right away for local relief projects. For more information on our international coronavirus help, please click here.