Costa Rica: No Violence against Women

Violence against women is a major problem throughout Latin America. In 2007, Costa Rica passed a law against domestic violence. Since then, the statistics show 365 murders as a result of domestic violence.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, family court judge Shirlenia Pérez gave an impressive presentation on the causes and consequences of this phenomenon and the need to find political solutions.

The regional director of the National Institute for Women’s Affairs, Sonia Rojas Quesada, and the mayor, Jeffry Montoya Rodriguéz, signed a declaration to continue addressing this problem in the future.



225 women from the Canton of Peréz Zeledón attended the event at Centro Victoria – of course they observed all regulations to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

A part of a network to monitor and prevent domestic violence and violence against women along with government institutions and other civil organizations, Kolping Costa Rica is also involved in running a women’s shelter.