Donating seeds, soap and food

Even before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many countries in East Africa had been hit by a dramatic locust invasion destroying all crops and contaminating drinking water with its excrement and larvae. In Uganda, affected farmers will receive new seeds as soon as possible to plant them in the ground on time for the rainy season. This will hopefully help to avert a threatening famine.

In the region of Sinigida in Tanzania, KOLPING is helping the population to produce disinfectants. “We have noticed that many people do not have any soap, so we show them how to produce their own soap”, reports Kolping employee Richard Assey. KOLPING also hands out seeds to grow cassava and potatoes in the rainy season, plants that grow fast and can therefore be harvested soon.


KOLPING South Africa has distributed food to the needy and during lockdown continued to stay in contact online with those participating in the SPARK project for mothers and their children and with the youngsters attending WOP training courses. “We have now moved to level 3 lockdown. Businesses and other entities will be permitted to operate again but social distancing rules must be complied with and everyone is required to wear masks. We hope and pray that things will improve soon and we look forward to working face-to-face again with our groups”, says Laurian Kleinhans, who coordinates the WOP courses.