Ecuador: Kolping School and Training Center

The Unidad Educativa Kolping Santo Domingo is both a Kolping School and Training Center that has been in existence for one and a half years. The school is made up of a primary and a secondary school and students can graduate with a technical qualification in inhouse electrics, car mechanics and metal processing.

The training center provides short-term technical courses in metal processing (welding, painting and varnishing) and in car mechanics. In addition, students can learn to operate a CNC milling machine. Funded by the German government, a kitchen is now available for baking and cooking classes.

Making a virtue of necessity, technically talented students made some wooden benches themselves to place them in the entrance area. Electrical wiring in the building is also repaired by students who will graduate in electrics. “What a great concept“, states KOLPING INTERNATIONAL desk officer Larissa Josowic who was able to inspect the work of the students. “The educational concept of this school to engage the children and teens can be assessed very positively and promotes personal engagement!“