Focus on families

Kolping Hungary: New series of events focuses on families

The Kolping Family in Gödöllő has launched a successful series of lectures and meetings focusing on topics related to the family: At the “Kolping haven”, children, adolescents and adults get together to discuss burning issues.

“What will I do after graduation?” was the title of the first event in spring. How can young people learn more about their future careers, and what help can their parents offer them? Undersecretary Dr. Balázs Hankó and Kolping director of education Vajk Bánhidy provided information and discussed with the young people and their parents. The second event was about puberty. Two more events are being planned for the autumn on the topics of bullying and healthy eating.



The new event format is not only targeted at Kolping members, but wants to appeal to as many people as possible, young and old. Instead of going to the movies with the whole family as a joint activity, for example, families are invited to come to the “Kolping haven”. Here there are always new contacts, topics and ideas. And by the way, it is of course also a good opportunity to make Kolping known.

“We have already had the “Kolping Academy“ for many years, with lectures aimed at adults,” reports Ms. Ágnes Kaiserné Jósvai, chairwoman of the Gödöllő Kolping Family. The Gödöllő  Kolping Family has come up with this new format to reach out to more people, young and old, families and children and also to non-members.

For more information on the Kolping Haven, contact Ms. Ágnes Kaiserné Jósvai, chairwoman of the Gödöllő Kolping Family at