Germany: A good life in old age

It may sound like a technical question but the political discussion of ensuring financial security in retirement is crucial for all people no matter where they live in this world.  In most countries, governments provide only minimum financial support for the elderly most of who are cared for by their families. In Germany, the pension scheme is to protect the elderly from poverty and to reward the life-time achievement of men and women. However, people who earned very little money during their working life risk slipping below the poverty line under the current pension scheme.

Presenting its idea of a guaranteed old age income supplement, the national executive board of Kolping Germany has made a comprehensive contribution to the debate on the future of the pension scheme. The idea behind this concept is that anyone who is eligible for public pension benefits can expect to receive a guaranteed old age pension if they can prove that they contributed to the pension scheme for at least five years. The guaranteed old age income supplement shall be financed through taxes.

Taking a stand on political issues is nothing unusual for Kolping Germany. Helping to shape society – this is happening when local Kolping Families initiate campaigns and take a clear political position that adjusts Catholic social teaching to the needs of the times.