Good food and good deeds – Kolping Hungary’s Day of Action

At the end of October, the Újszeged Kolping Family hosted the ” Good food and good deeds” Day of Action for the third time. The proceeds from the goulash sale were used to support a social project in Romania.

This year, the programme was expanded. Around 50 members of numerous Kolping Families came from all over Hungary. Famous Szeged goulash was prepared in the open air and sold for a donation for children’s homes in Romania. Some of these children from the Esztelnek and Kézdialmás children’s homes had come with their caregivers, so the Kolping members had the chance to get to know the children and the donation project.

The programme included musical contributions, games and an open-air religious service. The Kolping Youth and the Kolping Family presented their activities.  There was plenty of opportunity to meet and exchange ideas.

The Day of Action had also been advertised in the city of Szeged and on social media, which resulted in more than 1,600 euros in donations.

“The Day of Action is a good example of working for a good cause and developing a sense of community at the same time,” says National Secretary Judit Urbán. “This is a good incentive for all participating Kolping Families.”