Help for Ukraine

Patrycja Kwapik, coordinator of the Kolping Poland’s Ukraine Aid reports about her 11th relief transport: “Immediately after crossing the border we were greeted with an air raid alarm in Uzhgorod. For the locals, this is as much a part of everyday life as the lack of street lighting and the frequent power cuts due to damages to the electricity grid. However, our arrival provided great joy and undisguised gratitude on the faces of the staff and volunteers of Kolping Ukraine.



Together we quickly and efficiently loaded more than 2 tons of relief supplies. Some of them were delivered the same day to the people in need who are cared for by Kolping Ukraine in the Kolping Centres in Uzhgorod, Shargorod and Chernivtsi. However, the most part of the donations goes to the east of Ukraine where fighting is going on, and to areas which have been liberated from the Russian occupation. That is where warm clothes, field cookers and longer-lasting food can really save lives.”


Update on the help for the Ucraine