ICE “Adolph Kolping”

In mid-September, the German Railways issued a name search for the new ICE-generation – the ICE 4.  As name-donors, German historical celebrities from the fields of culture, politics, science, business, and sports were searched for.  Among more than 2,500 name suggestions, Adolph Kolping made it into the top 25.  Thus a train will be given his name already in 2018/2019.

In addition, the jury chose another 75 names, which will be given to more express trains by 2023.  Commenting on the decision announced on October 27, 2017, National Secretary Ulrich Vollmer said:  “We are extremely pleased that so many people voted for the name of Adolph Kolping.  This expresses the great esteem that our founder, the priest and social reformer Adolph Kolping still experiences today in the Church and in society.”