ILO – Conference

This afternoon, the representative of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, Dr. Hildegard Hagemann, will give a speech at the online session of the the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference.

In her statement, Hagemann explains that the pandemic has shown in a dramatic and often existence-threatening way that essential work in our global growth-oriented society is often informal, undervalued and precarious. „Thereby, it is particularly to be valued and to be protected precisely in its concern and care for humans, society and the environment”, Hagemann says. “Here, a gap between claim and reality becomes clear because there are standards and recommendations of the ILO by ways to promote protection and resilience for working in the informal economy.”

“Members of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL have experienced in their local contexts, as on the one hand the limitation of mobility and weak digital infrastructure and, on the other hand, the lack of access to social security systems and government programs endanger the existence of entire economic groups. They have launched their own support programs in solidarity and concern and are now committed to strengthening the protection and resilience of informal workers by adequate formalisation steps.”

Dr. Hildegard Hagemann is currently working for KOLPING INTERNATIONAL in Ho Chi Minh City/ Vietnam and supports KOLPING in Asia in both association and project development.

The conference can be followed under this link. 

Download the complete speech.