Indonesia: Supporting young people

The small village of Katiku Loku on Sumba is not only the location of the regional office of Kolping Indonesia but there is also a much frequented Kolping House.  The local Kolping Family cares in particular about the youth.

“Education and character building“ is particularly important to its members: 125 children and teenagers meet here regularly to play and to learn: Besides receiving a religious education, the children can learn how to play the guitar, to sing in a choir, to dance traditional folk dances or to exercise. Three female teachers take care of the teenagers.

By the way, the Kolping House in Katiku Loku has been a renowned educational center for decades. Founded by Father Herman May on December 4, 1994, the Kolping Family is the oldest Kolping Family in Indonesia. Since that time, the “Kolping Youth“ has been located in Katiku Loku and even after 25 years it continues to be attractive to youngsters. On Sumba the Kolping Youth has 365 members.