International Board of Directors‘ meeting

(Cologne, 28 Sept 2023) From 28 to 30 September the major international bodies of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL are meeting. This morning started with the meeting of the International Board of Directors, with 47 delegates from 34 nations convening for discussions and voting. The agenda included various reports and an amendment to the International Constitution, as well as elections to the international governing bodies of the Association. Karin Wollgarten was unanimously confirmed in office for a further six years as Managing Director.

For the International Executive Board of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, a new representative of Asia had to be elected as the former representative, Mr. Paul Nguyen Huu Nghia Hiep (Kolping Vietnam) is leaving after many years in office.  Fr. Maria Soosai Philiphose (Kolping India) was unanimously elected as a new member in his place. The International Executive Board is the governing body of the Association. Other members include Erich Reischmann (Kolping Switzerland), Manual Hörmeyer (Kolping Germany), Dancille Mujawamariya (Kolping Rwanda) and Rufino Rodriguez (Kolping Honduras) and – by virtue of their offices – Managing Director Karin Wollgarten, General Praeses Msgr. Christoph Huber and General Secretary Dr. Markus Demele. The term of office is four years.

Furthermore, the members of the International Finance Committee of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL stood for re-election and were all confirmed in their offices by a large majority in each case. Antonio Silva (Kolping Uruguay) was elected as a new member of the Committee. Accordingly, it now consists of Antonio Silva, Theodore F. Wilke (Kolping USA), Ágnes Kaiserné Jósvai (Kolping Hungary), Peter Jung (Kolping Switzerland) as well as Markus Lange, Martin J. Wilde and Thorsten Schulz (all Kolping Germany). The term of office of the Finance Committee is six years. New rules of procedure were adopted for it today.

The delegates voted unanimously in favour of India as the venue for the next International Board of Directors’ meeting in 2025. With approximately 40,000 members, Kolping India is the second largest Kolping association worldwide. The meeting shall take place in the newly constructed Kolping India Home – Adolph Kolping Resource Centre in Tamil Nadu.