International Kolping Peace Walk in Romania in May

In 2024 Kolping Romania will host the 55th International Kolping Peace Walk in Timisoara (Banat) from May 9 to 12.

That is why the Kolping Peace Banner is now visiting various Kolping families in the country. It first traveled to the Banat, crossed the country to Romanian Moldavia in the east, and was then handed over to a delegation from Transylvania, where it will be “on duty” for the time being before returning to the Banat region.



The motto of this year’s walk is “Walking and praying for peace in Europe and worldwide”. Every year, the peace walk brings together many Kolping members from different countries.  There will be plenty of time for discussions, church services and communal prayers.  The four-day hike leads through historic places and picturesque countryside and gives an insight into the country and its inhabitants. With a population of around 300,000, Timisoara is the third largest city in Romania and the cultural and economic center of the Banat region. Last year, Timisoara was the European Capital of Culture.

Initiated by the then Swiss National Praeses Josef Eberli as a contribution to international understanding after the Second World War, the International Kolping Peace Walks have been organized since 1968.

To find more information and register, go to:

The registration deadline is March 1, 2024