Joining forces to eradicate poverty

Joining forces to eradicate poverty: On March 2, 2021 a cooperation agreement between KOLPING Timor-Leste and GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation) was signed in the local office of GIZ in Dili, East Timor.

For KOLPING this partnership implies that 80 Kolping members in the bishopric of Baucau will become part of “Project of Agroforestry“ and receive special training: 60 members from 7 Kolping Families in the district of Lautem learn how to produce coconut oil and 20 members are trained in carpentry and joinery. Cooperating with GIZ is of great significance for KOLPING Timor-Leste, providing its members with an opportunity to earn a livelihood and to have a better future.

KOLPING has been active in all of the three bishoprics in East Timor since March 3. In early March, the Kolping Family Tanlaran with 13 members was founded in the bishopric of Maliana. In the other bishoprics in Dili and Baucau there are already 69 Kolping Families and a total of 554 members.