KOLPING Albania distributes eight tons of food to the needy

In July, KOLPING Albania distributed food to very poor families. A total of 350 underprivileged families in the north of the country benefited from that help. The Kolping Family Koman, who was founded only recently, also became involved in that activity and visited 45 families. Many people live in remote areas in the mountains and some of them can only be reached by boat or on foot. These people were also poor before COVID-19 and they live in simple stone shacks. Now the coronavirus pandemic brought even more misery to these families. That is why they gratefully accepted the groceries distributed by KOLPING. Each family received 5 kg of flour, 3 kg of sugar, 6 kg of rice, 4 liters of cooking oil and 10 packages of noodles.
KOLPING Albania filmed that relief operation and added English subtitles to the video. It will give you an idea of the life and poverty of many people living in northern Albania.