Kolping Corona Fund: strong solidarity

In an open letter the International Executive Committee consisting of the General Praeses, the General Secretary and the General Manager of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL expresses its gratitude for the overwhelming practiced solidarity and informs about the help that has been provided all over the world. Thanks to the enormous generosity of donors within Kolping, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL was able to provide rapid assistance to those suffering from hunger, misery and despair. In the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cameroon, Sri Lanka – to mention but a few countries – people were provided with food and protective equipment but they also received care and attention.

After providing emergency and disaster relief, many Kolping national organizations have launched the second phase of providing assistance: smallholder farmers obtain high-quality seed to have a good harvest as soon as possible and to feed their families. “No one knows how long this pandemic will keep us in suspense”, writes the International Executive Committee. “How many more people will die from this virus or its effects? Our solidarity, our promise to stand by each other and to assist those in need, however, will never die. It may be comforting to know in these weeks that we are a strong community, an international family where no one is left alone.