Kolping Uganda: Margaret Kawooya passed away

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL mourns the passing of Margaret Kawooya. She was also for many years vice National President of the Kolping National Association of Uganda. Many donors know her as the head of the AIDS orphans project and the Kolping Women’s project in Mityana, Uganda. As chairperson responsible, Margaret Kawooya has been the face of the Kolping Mityana Women’s project in Uganda for many years. Her goal has always been to enable women to live an economically, socially, politically and spiritually self-determined life.

The women’s project was established in the year 1988. Margaret Kawooya started the AIDS orphans project in the year 1995 and it has so far provided support to around 3,800 children and their foster families. Margaret Kawooya played a major role in this and showed great commitment to the needs of the AIDS orphans. She travelled to Germany a number of times for this purpose to draw attention to the problems and challenges. “Margaret’s tireless efforts shaped the AIDS orphans project until the very end, making it possible for numerous AIDS orphans to attend school and receive education,” says Katharina Hager, who as the Desk officer for Uganda has worked with Margaret Kawooya for a long time. “We were able to see Margaret in Kampala in February during a project visit when she reported on the current state of the project. She will be missed as a charismatic person and long-time chairperson of the project. We are very grateful for the work she accomplished.

From 1986 to 1988 Margaret Kawooya was a member of the Kolping National Kolping Society Uganda and from December 1988 to 1996 she was the vice chairperson.

Margaret Kawooya passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 28 May 2023 at the age of 78.

Photo: In February 2023, Margaret Kowooya met the Desk officers for Africa, Katharina Hager (right) and Laura Plosinjak, in Mityana.