Locust plague

For the time being, farmers in Uganda can breathe a sigh of relief. The locust swarms that destroyed many fields early this year have left, leaving a scene of devastation behind: billions of locusts had eaten their way through fields the size of a football field in record time.

People were powerless against this natural disaster. To avoid a famine, farmers must now urgently use the rainy season to cultivate their land.
Thanks to numerous donations, KOLPING Uganda was able to provide Kolping Families with seeds on time. In July, 273 farmers in 7 Kolping Families received seeds to grow sweet potatoes, beans and cassava. The certified seeds are particularly high-yielding and grow fast so that farmers will soon bring in a rich harvest. Kolping Families were full of joy when they received the bags with the precious seeds. We hereby pass on their gratitude to all donors.