Malawi: Membership growth and intensive project work

KOLPING has become immensely popular in Malawi. The number of members has risen to 900 in very little time and is expected to reach the 1,000 members mark by next year. Desk officer Volker Greulich has just returned from a visit to the northern part of the country where the association is located. Besides meeting with Kolping Families there, he was planning some concrete projects for the next few months with those in charge on site.

Special emphasis will be placed on rural development. In concrete terms, people will learn how to produce their own compost to have a better harvest. Kolping shows its members how to make their own biocompost and it distributes seeds that farmers can use to sow them in August/September and to harvest in spring. In addition, Kolping provides them with small livestock because its manure is an important part of compost.

“Meanwhile, Kolping members have more realistic expectations“, Volker Greulich reports. There is a good atmosphere and everyone is excited about starting the new projects. People have understood that Kolping does not distribute gifts of money but offers help for self-help, for Kolping believes in individual talents and capabilities.