Myanmar: Help for displaced people

Many Kolping members in Myanmar have had to leave their homes since the military coup in February 2022. The risk of being killed in attacks or assaults was too high. The internally displaced people fled to supposedly safe places. Many of them have already been displaced several times. They have to build a new life for themselves, there is no support from the government.

Kolping helps people to help themselves by providing short training courses so that they can quickly become self-sufficient and earn money for themselves and their families. In some courses Kolping teaches participants skills like how to make soap or how to bake bread. The programs change every month; in May, courses on how to make flower arrangements for decoration were on the agenda. Last year, young women learned the tailoring trade or how to work as a pharmacy assistant.  Last year, 32 young women were trained.

If possible, the association also supports the participants with a microcredit so that they can buy the materials they need, such as fabrics, flowers or flour and oil.