New Kolping Family „One World”

“One World” in focus: New Kolping Family founded in Poland

Environmental protection, sustainable development, global learning, ecological education, social commitment, development cooperation and social innovation: These current topics are the focal points of the newly founded Kolping Family “One World”. It was founded at the end of November in Krakow. Krakow is situated on Saint James’ Way that connects people and also stands for partnership, perseverance and solidarity, says Kolping member Patrycja Kwapik explaining the motivation of the new Kolping Family.

The new Kolping Family will officially join the Kolping Society in Poland. At present the group consists of 8 members, but it is confident to grow soon. Patrycja Kwapik is sure that “A good thing begins in small steps”.

The members of the Kolping Family “One World” support the tasks and activities of the Kolping Foundation.