Not there yet, but finally at the start

Statement of Kolping Germany and KOLPING INTERNATIONAL on Supply Chain Act

On June 11, 2021, the German parliament passed the so-called Supply Chain Act. Finally!  Ulrich Vollmer, National Secretary of the Kolping Society of Germany, praised the passage as a major step for the benefit of human rights and the protection of our environment in supply chains. He went on to say that for the first time, companies producing goods abroad are held accountable. Experience has shown that voluntary commitments have been ineffective. According to Dr. Markus Demele, General Secretary of KOLPING INTERNATIONAL the adoption of the Supply Chain Act is a first step in the right direction, but it still has too many weaknesses.

The fact that this Act was finally adopted shortly before the end of the legislative period has been primarily the big success of a large number of civil society organizations who formed the “Supply Chain Act Initiative“ in 2019 to fight for the passage of the Act. Ulrich Vollmer thanks all Kolping members who helped to campaign for the adoption of the Act. “Our activities in the past few months have helped to change some parts of this Act for the better. It will now also apply to large international companies with branch offices in Germany.“

However, Dr. Markus Demele still sees some gaps left to be filled, such as civil liability and the legal protection of our climate and biodiversity. He underlines: “That is why we have not yet reached our goal, we have only started. Civil society must continue to campaign for a more effective Supply Chain Act!”