“One-World Dinner“

Dinners, so others don’t go hungry


In March, 60 guests enjoyed a delicious international meal at the Kolping Stadthotel am Römerturm.  Under the patronage of TV moderator Yvonne Willicks, the guests sampled dishes from the new recipe booklet “One-World Dinner“.

Invited had been active donors as well as disseminators, who are to introduce the new participation campaign “Cooking, so that others don’t’ go hungry” to the Kolping Families.  It goes like this: a host invites people, cooks a menu from the recipe book, and instead of a gift for the host, the guests donate to the world-wide project of work of Kolping International. The guests came from the Rhineland, but also from Hamburg, Munich, and Luxembourg.



Yvonne Willicks, who had just returned from a Kolping project trip to Honduras and Mexico, was impressed by the project work that she saw in those countries.  “Kolping does great project work and should not put its light under the bushel!”

She is convinced about the idea of the “One-World Dinner”, because it is a great way to make the work of Kolping known.  “Do good deeds and talk about them”, she suggested to the guests.  They enjoyed their food and were thrilled.

The idea of the campaign which everyone can join in:  You invite friends for a meal; we supply you with the menus from our project countries.  We have prepared a recipe book with information about the countries, their traditions and customs, as well as the local Kolping project work.  Thus well equipped, you can cook together or entertain your guests yourselves, just as you wish.  Invitation cards, international thanksgiving prayers, and table decorations are available on our homepage

Instead of a gift for you as their hosts, you will ask your guests for a donation to KOLPING INTERNATIONAL’s project work.  The kick-off has been done.  Now we hope that this idea will be talked about in the Kolping Families and will find great approval there.