Online presentation of the annual report

General Praeses Msgr Ottmar Dillenburg thanked all donors who have so far donated more than 1.1 million Euros to the Kolping Corona Fund and made worldwide emergency aid possible. There are 9,000 Kolping Families worldwide despite Corona.

National Praeses Father Maria Soosai joined the presentation live from India. He described the dramatic weeks in which India found itself until recently in the second wave. India was not prepared and was hit hard by the pandemic with over 30 million people infected and over 400,000 Corona deaths. The wave is now subsiding to some extent, but India is facing an “economic, humanitarian and health crisis”, said Father Maria Soosai. The country will be suffering the consequences of the pandemic for a long time to come.

KOLPING India is supporting members who have lost their jobs, he said, adding that it is important to continue to warn the people about the dangers of being infected. Children have a right to education, which is why KOLPING India helps widows and orphans so that they can continue to send their children to school. In Tamil Nadu, KOLPING supports four hospitals so that they can treat COVID cases.

The motto of KOLPING India “Kolping cares” is an excellent motto, concluded General Secretary Dr Markus Demele the online presentation. No one should be left alone. This is not only true for India, but for the worldwide work of KOLPING.