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Corona pandemic and plague of locusts – people in Africa are at particular risk this year. It is important that they receive seeds quickly to prevent a new famine.

First came the locusts and then the lockdown due to the corona pandemic. What the locusts left on the fields and pastures could not be harvested in many places because the farmers could not go to their fields. It is now important that they receive seeds quickly. This will allow them to sow seeds in time before the long-awaited rain comes. The seeds that the Kolping Families receive are adapted to the regional soil conditions. The coordinators know exactly what grows quickly and is profitable – like for example beans, sweet potatoes, and corn. In combining them with self-made fertilizers, the farmers can often harvest three times the amount. KOLPING distributes the seeds and shows the farmers the best cultivation methods. This gives the families a perspective and they can soon start harvesting again.

Please help with your donation that as many small-scale farmers as possible receive seeds and can feed their families. Every amount helps!

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