Timor Leste: Kolping Youth start their own businesses

When the Kolping Youth in Timor Leste (East Timor) realized that 90 % of the local population in Buka Dalan are farmers and that there are hardly any carpenters they noticed a market niche: Assisted by some experienced carpenters they founded a cooperative with the aim of training interested craftsmen in carpentry and to enable them to start their own business.

The project has already started and the first orders are being processed. But first the group needs a room they can use as a carpenter’s workshop. For the time being they are forced to work outdoors – unless it is the rainy season.

Some women have joined up to weave fabric in the traditional way. They are also open to welcome others to join them and they have received their first orders. These initiatives are only two examples of how imaginative our members are and what can grow and develop from Kolping as a community.