Togo: Women take on leadership positions

To strengthen the role of women, Kolping Togo trains its female members. They are empowered and encouraged to take on key positions within their Kolping family or in their community.

The workshops strengthen both the women’s low self-esteem and their rights. The aim is to improve women’s chances of equal rights through training and educational work for women and men. After all, women in Togo are confronted with many problems every day: Right to work, family planning, inheritance rights for their children, freedom of movement, education, etc.

Through this empowerment, many women now feel able to take on a leadership role in the community and can thus contribute to the development of the community and the Kolping family. Another positive side effect is that they pass on the newly learned values and role concepts to other women and their children, thus contributing to a long-term change in society.

In various modules, the women deal with topics such as what it means to be a female leader and work on strengthening their self-confidence and self-esteem. But there is also plenty of hands-on training. Among other things, the women discuss the difficulties they are facing as farmers and develop solutions.

The photos were taken at a training session of women from the Zooti Kolping family at the Kolping House  in Aného on December 12, 2023.