Ukraine: Thanks to Kolping internally displaced persons can settle down

The Crimea conflict has forced many Ukrainians to leave their homes in the east and to escape to the safe western part of the country. As the conflict persists many families have lived in exile for some years and must see for themselves how they can make a living far away from home. The Kolping Family in Iwano-Frankiwsk is helping refugees to settle down.

She is a contact person, she organizes meetings and childcare and she helps internally displaced persons to find a job. Thanks to Kolping, 36-year-old Tarchkalo Svitlana Alexandrovn managed to start her own business by producing jam. She is so grateful to Kolping for its support that she decided to visit seriously ill children and teenagers in a hospital in her leisure time to play with them, to care for them and – of course – to cook some jam with them.