World Day of Prayer 2022

This year the World Day of Prayer (27.10.) is prepared by KOLPING South Tyrol. Adolph Kolping himself travelled to South Tyrol in 1841 and 1855 where he witnessed and enjoyed the founding of the first Catholic Journeymen’s associations. He founded the Kolping Families of Bolzano, Merano and Bressanone in 1855.

The main objective of Kolping South Tyrol/Italy is the positive change of society from within. This is accomplished best by changing the individual who is empowered by his active knowledge to work for a better social order himself. Social change through education is therefore always the first priority. Adolph Kolping himself, through the Journeymen’s Association and the Kolping Families, wanted to educate diligent citizens who can actively participate on a Christian basis in work, marriage and family, in Church, society and state. Kolping today thus offers concrete help in life to all social groups.

The materials for the World Day of Prayer can be downloaded here or can be ordered from Elisabeth Gühmann