World Day of Prayer: Kenya

On October 27, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL will again celebrate its annual World Day of Prayer commemorating the Beatification of Adolph Kolping on October 27, 1991. This year we are focusing on KOLPING Kenya.

In Kenya the first Kolping Family was founded in 1978, since 1985 KOLPING Kenya has been a national association with 146 Kolping Families. KOLPING helps its members to improve the living conditions, for example by means of adapted agriculture, water tanks, milk goats and cows. Training and further education as well as sustainability are an important part of the Kolping activities, apart from the association work, community and cohesion. Because KOLPING is committed to peace and holistic change and prays for the canonization of the association’s founder Adolph Kolping.

Download here: Information and liturgical aids