World-wide increase of hungry people

Kolping trains farmers in sustainable agriculture

815 million of people suffer from chronic hunger – that is 38 million more than last year.  This can be learned from a report by the United Nations presented last Friday.  The global community’s goal is to eradicate hunger until the year 2030.  People should secure food production through sustainable farming.  Kolping helps to achieve this goal.

A world without hunger

Kolping International helps through its project work to achieve the UN goal.  In Africa Kolping trains the small farmers, distributes small domestic animals and builds cisterns.  “A world without hunger” – under this motto Kolping currently carries out a food security and sustainable agriculture project in the south of Tanzania which is funded by the BMZ.  The farmers learn how to increase their harvests.

They receive seeds and small domestic animals and produce their own organic fertilizer.  It is free of cost and helps to triple the crop production.

Additional income as a beekeeper

Kolping also trains the farmers how to make additional money by selling honey.  They form self-help-groups to sell their products in a better way.  They also build saving groups which allow them to save their own money because they do not receive money from the banks.