Corona crisis worldwide

Don’t forget about the poor!

The Corona virus dominates our daily lives. Worldwide. There is cause for greatest concern for our Kolping sisters and Kolping brothers in the Global South. In order to help quickly, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL has established a Kolping Corona Fund.

The Corona pandemic is spreading further and threatens the whole world at breakneck speed. Nobody is safe. No country, no population group. The situation is severe for all people who are suffering from the curfew and the restrictions. It is dramatic for the sick – and increasingly people in poorer countries are suffering the consequences.

Because for a day labourer curfew means: no income. Food is becoming scarce in many countries and is so overpriced that many people have not enough to eat.

Here you can find out what the situation is like in our partner countries.

Do not forget the poor! As Kolping community we cannot remain inactive. People in the Global South need our solidarity in these difficult times. It is about their bare existence. That is why we have established a relief fund, the “Kolping Corona Fund”.

From this fund we provide help where it is needed most urgently. For your participation in this fund we already say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Please help!

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