A country on the fast lane

Ghana has been very successful in implementing the millennium development goals. As the first sub-Saharan country Ghana managed to halve poverty of its population in comparison to 1990. The proportion of people with no access to clean drinking water was cut in half. The fact that since 2005 all children can attend school free of charge shows that the government considers education to be very important.

Kolping in Ghana

The members are predominantly farmers, craftsmen and merchants as well as employees (teachers). The Association was founded in 1991 but it grows very slowly. There are 7 Kolping Families and 150 members.

KOLPING INTERNATIONAL promotes a number of promising programmes. The focus is on:

Small Credits

Associational Work

Old craft, new activities

The activities by the members focus on income generating activities. In Wonoo, the centre of the traditional Kente weaving technique, members acquired two weaving looms and can produce and sell their products there.

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