More goats, less poverty

Kenya is an emerging country. Due to the success in recent years and its strategically favourable position Kenya has become the economically most powerful country in East Africa. Therefore, Kenya ranks as a middle-income country. Social inequalities are tremendous though, and half of Kenyan citizens live below the poverty line.

Kolping in Kenya


The National Association of Kenya was founded in 1985 and now has 1,100 members who are organized in 146 Kolping Families. The local members are active in very different ways to achieve a solid economic basis of the Kolping Families.

Despite the continuous economic growth has the country been facing youth unemployment and political instability for many years which is a result of the high population growth. Access to loans is often refused due to corruption.

Therefore, KOLPING INTERNATIONAL provides support through different activities to meet the different challenges. The main area of activity is:


Rural Development

Small Credits


Planting bags against dry seasons

Especially in the summer months, the period of drought causes food shortages in Kenya. “The problem is that people in Kenya hardly have any possibility to eat fresh vegetables during the drought“, says Faith Mbuvi from the National Association of Kolping Kenya. But a good solution was found in recent years – planting bags. Up to 100 seedlings can be planted in these bags. They yield fruits even in the drought and only need little water. After a few days, the plants will be sprouting at the top and through the holes on the side of the bags through which the vegetables can grow.

“We want to provide training for each of the 85 Kolping Families“, says Faith with regard to the planning of the next summer season. The first five trainings will be given by an expert who will instruct the project co-ordinators of Kolping Kenya. Afterwards, the team can perform the training courses themselves, extending the knowhow at grassroots level.

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