Today school, tomorrow future: For opportunities on the job market

Nigeria is one of Africa‘s economic power houses: It is not only one of the two largest economies of the continent but also the most populous African country. The country owns the two of today’s most valuable resources: oil and gas. But Nigeria also suffers from underdeveloped agriculture and youth unemployment. There is an extreme shortage of food.

Kolping in Nigeria

After the foundation of the National Association in 1995, membership has increased significantly: 1,067 members in 67 local Kolping Families. Despite the high dependency from oil reserves, only 40% of the Nigerians do not live from agriculture. And hardly any investments were made into the educational system introduced by the British. The lessons in the predominantly state schools are of poor quality. The illiteracy rate is extremely high. This is exactly where the work of the Kolping members on the spot starts. Since 2009, Kolping Nigeria has been offering the vocational training program KEEDS that is mainly addressed to young adults.


Associational Work

Ajuzie‘s stepping stone to independence

In March 2015 everything changed in the life of Ajuzie Margaret Chibuihe. That was when she was accepted to the KEEDS program. “I got to know Kolping through our parish priest and because I like baking, I applied for the program and was accepted. After having completed my training in August 2015, I returned home to use my new skills and capabilities there”. The training in catering, baking and confectionary paid off: Ajuzie Chibuihe can now live from her income and hopes to be able to acquire her own oven soon.

The Kolping members commit themselves for the future of the youth through the work in the Kolping school and the KEEDS program in Nigeria and offer them opportunities to earn their own living.

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