Education first: A young association grows

Despite economic growth 40% of the population in Rwanda still lives below the absolute poverty line. The government aims to count to the nations with medium incomes by 2020. The high population growth and the shortage of skilled labour pose a core challenge.

Kolping in Rwanda


With 4,549 members in 94 Kolping Families the National Association of Rwanda has grown considerably since its foundation in 2008. Almost 90% of the population lives from subsistence farming. To make sure that the success is long-term, Kolping Rwanda places the focus on:


Rural Development

Small Credits


Kolping made me a rich man!

“After having joined Kolping, my life changed totally”, Fidèle, a 32-year-old father, tells relieved. “The assistance and trainings helped me a lot and I decided to remain at home in the countryside and to work very hard. In this way, I attained to buy a piece of land, I planted bananas, sugar cane und palms and finally I am able to feed my three children. You can see that they are strong and smart. From the Kolping goats, I am able to pay health insurance on time. In one word: Kolping made me a rich man.”


Future through training: Kolping in Rwanda


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