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A second chance: Vocational training opens up new perspectives

South Africa is the third largest economy in Africa. Despite a flourishing economy, lots of reserves of raw materials and a well-developed infrastructure, there are still large class differences even after the end of apartheid. The black or coloured majority of population still often lives in poverty. There is an extreme imbalance between the rich and the poor.

Kolping in South Africa


The National Association of South Africa was founded on 21 October 1989 and currently has 1,500 members in 40 Kolping Families. A special focus is placed by Kolping South Africa on the vocational training of young people as the official unemployment rate in South Africa is estimated at around 27%. Active participation of the members in the society is dear to Kolping South Africa.


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On the best path to independence

Clint has a typical biography: Born and raised poor, he was a school dropout and kept his head above water with occasional jobs. He also used to take drugs until he received one of the much sought-after places in the Life Skills Camp of Kolping. During the training he could live his passion for cooking. Clint now works as chef de cuisine in a restaurant and is very happy:

“I love my job more than everything and I am a much happier person than ever before! It feels like for the first time I am living my dream. Of course, I will not be a rich man, but I can afford to buy the things that I need for life. It feels good when I receive my monthly pay check of which I am really proud. I still have not learnt enough and I am looking for more challenges. My dream is to travel the world and broaden my horizon making cultural and culinary experiences. I want to experiment with new tastes and get to know new flavours and cooking styles so that one day I can open a restaurant which serves food from all over the world.”

By strengthening the self-reliance and through vocational training programmes the members of Kolping Families are encouraged to participate actively in society.


Family – training – future: Kolping in South Africa


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