Fit for the future – women promoted through vocational trainings

Indonesia, with its 260 million inhabitants, is the fourth most densely populated country in the world. The Islamic dominated threshold country is spread over 17,000 islands and is Asia’s economic driving force.

Kolping in Indonesia


The 41st National Association was founded in 2006 in Indonesia. 1025 members are organized in 35 Kolping Families. Especially the promotion of women is supported by the Kolping projects.


Small Credits


Associational Work

Not only a profession, but a vocation

“Together we are strong.” This is the motto of the Kolping Family Trinta de Agosto. The members received a small credit that they invested well. Through the initial aid, they were able to rent two rooms at the central market place. Today the business is flourishing, because the small kiosk plus fast food restaurant is very popular, especially on Saturdays. Now, the Kolping Family wants to expand: After having paid back the first credit, they intend to open up a second restaurant near the district citizen center for occasional customers. The credit group has paid off. Through the participation in the community the Kolping members can now live well from their incomes.


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